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The P-Mate is portable, disposable device that allows woman to pee standing up wherever they need to, whitout losing their dignity or risking unhygienic and unpleasant public restrooms. The P-Mate can be used during any activity where restroom facilities are less than desirable or not availablee at all.
The P-Mate is made of specially impregnated and fully recyclabe materials with a moisture repellent coating. The anatomical design is developed based on the experiences of many women who use the P-Mate. Perhaps you need to get used to, but then you`re hooked. The P-Mate is sold in wallets with five single P-Mates.
The P-Mate is the ideal solution for women. where a (clean) toilet is missing. Convenient for travelling, during a long car or bus drive, a bike ride, hiking and camping, when you wearing a motorcycle suit or ski outfit, during all sporting activities, events and festivals.
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The only real and original urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up, without undressing.
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