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Do you deliver a re-usable P-Mate?
No, we do not. Research told us that there is no demand for this, because the P-Mate is used on locations where there is no available water for cleaning, but more important, it is not HYGIENIC!!! Also, most women have second thoughts about cleaning the P-Mate in public.
Is it necessary to use toilet paper after I used the P-Mate?
It depends. This is up to you and / or the circumstances you’re in. You can slide the P-Mate gently to the front, thus “scraping off” the last drops (just like a guy!). In the near future we will start with a pouch with one P-Mate and a hygienic towel.
Can I use the P-MAte with my trousers on?
Obviously a skirt is more practicle. But, also with a trouser you’re not in trouble. Check MANUAL for all details!
Can I flush the P-Mate through the watercloset?
Because we choose for a firm material (secure feeling for the user), it is not possible to flush the P-MAte through the watercloset. Please put it after use in a bin at your nearest convinience. Usually there is one in the toilet you’re using.
Can I order the P-Mate on line?
Yes, you can! Ja, online ordering is possible through this web site. After ordering you receive an invoice and you need to pay (IDEAL or other). When your funds are in our bank account, we will send the P-Mates within 5 working days to your address.
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The only real and original urinating device that allows women to urinate standing up, without undressing.
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